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Connecting The Development Sector

About GoBarefoot


GoBarefoot is a membership-based interactive web portal for the social sector. It brings together individuals, NGOs, NPOs, and CSR arms of organisations with the mandate of creating a one-stop information website for networking and knowledge sharing.

The endeavour is to deliver a wide array of IT and mobile-enabled services with the objective of becoming the world’s first high-impact networking platform for the development sector. With the advent of social networking sites, individuals have been given greater access and opportunity to meet new people with common interests across the world. Success for individuals and organisations across any domain lies in collaborating and connecting with professionals and communities created to support a common theme.

In this context we realised the existence of a huge vacuum in terms of a dedicated online networking platform that not only understands the social sector but is appropriately positioned to meet the needs of the sector. Against this backdrop, GoBarefoot was incubated by Third Sector Partners, an executive search firm exclusively dedicated to the social, environmental, and corporate sustainability sectors.

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