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New born baby rescued by CHILDLINE

According to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), India has 29.6 million orphaned and abandoned children.Child abandonment is a severe form of neglect and emotional rejection by a parent who fails to offer financial and emotional support for his or her child. Child abandonment is classified as a child abuse and is a punishable crime under law. The perpetrator can additionally be charged if the victim dies as a result of his or her actions or neglect.

CHILDLINE received a call from an Anganwadi worker informing that a new born baby girl was found near a village of Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh.  The caller had found the two-days-old infant deserted under a bush in fields during afternoon around 12:30 pm. The baby had bruises and deep cuts on her forehead and needed immediate medical support. Sothe worker decided to call on Child Helpline 1098 for support.

CHILDLINE team after getting the information immediately rushed to the spot and took custody of the child. Firstly, CHILDLINE team took the baby to government hospital for treating her wounds and medical examination. The next day, child was shifted to a shelter home for better treatment and care.Meanwhile the case was communicated to Child Welfare Committee (CWC) over the phoneand details were shared by Childline about the case.On the other hand, CHILDLINE received details from the local police about a lady who was found roaming suspiciously and the lady had revealed abandoning a child when enquired by the police. After getting the information, CHILDLINE met with the lady at the police station and her relatives also arrived over there. Lady admitted of deserting the child and verified that the girl child belonged to her. CHILDLINE team explained to her that child abandonment is a punishable crime under law and she can be arrested. When asked by CHILDLINE about the reason for this act, the lady revealed that her husband expired all of a sudden and she became incapable of raising the child so with the emotional burden she had to take that step. The relatives of the child were also present at the spot and realizing the situation they mutually decided to take the responsibility of the child. Relatives requested CHILDLINE to hand over the child to them and assured the team that they will take good care of her.The details of child being abandoned and relatives claim for child was shared with Child Welfare Committee by CHILDLINE team. Finally with CWC order, the baby girl was restored to her relatives.

CHILDLINE was successful in providing care and protection to the infant who was deserted and was left alone to the fate.


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CHILDLINE India Foundation

CHILDLINE 1098 is India’s first and only 24×7, free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection. CHILDLINE’s vision is to build A child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children. They address wide wide array of needs of children, ranging from medical assistance, shelter, rescue, repatriation, restoration, sponsorship, death related, to emotional support and guidance.

CHILDLINE India Foundation has evolved as a partnership of NGOs, Government of India, street children and the community. CHILDLINE is the central agency responsible for initiating, implementing and monitoring its services and undertaking research, documentation, awareness and advocacy in the area of child protection. In 2006-07 Ministry for Women and Child Development (MWCD) granted the exclusive ‘Mother NGO’ status to CHILDLINE India Foundation.

CHILDLINE operates in 503 districts in 35 states/UTs and 93 railway stations covering 70% of the country. They have built and nurtured a robust network of 928 units with 754+ partners across India, which today stands as the largest child protection network of NGOs across the World. In the last year alone, they have engaged over 5,500 allied systems (Police, Health Care, Juvenile Justice, Transport, Legal, Education, Communication, Media, Political and the Community) through our network of partners.

CHILDLINE engages with 8-10 million children annually. In the last three years, they have assisted 5 lakh children in need of care and protection through direct intervention and has provided socio-emotional guidance to over 15 million children.

Call CHILDLINE 1098 service if you see any child in distress or crises

To know more about CHILDLINE, please visit website www.childlineindia.org.in

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