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How Can You Ensure DEI in Non-profit Hiring?

According to a recent global survey of non-profits, only 40% of the respondents have undertaken Diversity Equity and Inclusion-related actions internally, with an even smaller number, at 32%, stating that they interviewed diverse candidates while hiring for management positions​1. This is a worrying trend, given that non-profits are at the forefront of creating a more equitable and inclusive global society. If your non-profit has been grappling with ways to boost DEI hiring, here is a ready reckoner to help fast-track your journey –

Start with Making the Effort
While DEI has long been considered a nice-to-have, it is time for non-profits to pivot to a scenario wherein DEI becomes a must-have. This pivot is being necessitated by the multiple benefits of a focused DEI strategy, including better ROI, boosted creativity and accelerated sustainability. Make sure that your non-profit, and its head-hunters, are taking concerted efforts to find and reach out to diverse groups of job candidates, while looking to fill a position.

Focus on Inclusion Training
Given the nuanced nature of DEI, many managers and employees are still unaware of the nitty-gritty and providing inclusion training and tracking and reporting DEI metrics can go a long way towards remedying this issue. Once your employees are more aware of inclusion, they are more likely to spearhead the narrative optimally.

Monitor Bias via Employee Journey Maps
In a non-profit, employees may experience insidious bias at various touch-points. To identify and nip this in the bud, your non-profit should create employee journey maps that enable HR leaders to resolve this worrying workplace trend.

Foster Safe Spaces
Open communication and multi-way dialogues can go a long way towards furthering DEI initiatives at non-profits and you can facilitate these by harnessing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to foster safe spaces. These common areas can boost real talks, promote the creation of affinity groups, and trigger professional and personal networking opportunities, empowering your employees seamlessly.

Maintain Transparency in all Dealings
Pay parity is a major threat to DEI in non-profits and a way to counter this malaise is to be transparent and publicly post pay scales for all positions. This prompts your non-profit to bolster the industry’s compensation practices and can go a long way towards ensuring pay parity.

None of these steps are without their own unique challenges but, as a non-profit, you are at the best place to foster DEI. Let the change begin with you, one step at a time.


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