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Creating Awareness among Students on Environment Conservation

Environmental conservation is a very important and vital part of ones’ life. From conserving the natural resources for future generation to taking measures to control the environment from getting polluted, all contributes to environmental conservation. These days many schools have introduced such programmes at school level to create awareness about the same among the school students. Infact, schools are establishing environment related modules and workshops in their curriculum. One such programme, “Ek Prithvi” has been launched by WWF-India in Delhi that will guide students and help them understand the various conservation issues. The motive of the programme is to induce environment education at school level and sensitize the students about environment conservation. These programmes not only provide knowledge to the students but also make them conscious and sensitive towards the environment.

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Ankita Rawat

Ankita is a Graduate and Post Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication and has done internsips with The Hindu(Daily Newspaper) and JWT (Advertising Agency). She is currently working as a Digital Marketing Associate at Barefoot International Pvt. Ltd.

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