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Why Are You Killing Me? I am Your Mother

I am the creator, the destroyer and the recreater.  I create life. I destroy life and I recreate to continue the story of evolution. I exist in water, on land, in the forests, in the mountains. I am the fresh air you breathe to survive. This is my peaceful nature.

Provoked, I am the tsunami, the earthquake, the erupting volcano, the blazing inferno.

Most life forms and the biodiversity follow my natural laws and thrive. You were created as an image of God, because God wanted man to come to the earth and spread his message and carry on his good work.

But you over time have begun to arrogate yourself with the power of God. Though your birth gave you dominion over other life forms, you have begun to challenge the Laws of Nature which are the laws of creation, preservation and destruction. You have commenced the slow, painful process of self-annihilation. Is the process now inexorable?

I am Mother Nature and this is my story. My footprint runs across all planets, even across the universe. I have seen death and destruction in other worlds too. Earth had faced an apocalypse some 4,500 years ago. The unnatural and evil works of mankind led to an apocalypse which destroyed the earth. This happened when Man’s greed for wealth and power reached a pinnacle and destroyed his rational thought processes. By his acts, Man forced the world to implode.

Today after thousands of years, you have once again developed an insatiable greed for wealth and power. Freedom is at stake. Sane voices are being silenced.

And slowly, I am being asphyxiated. My question is “Why are you killing me? I am your Mother.”

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2y3IjIx


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