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Transforming India from Grassroot level

Rural Development is constantly augmenting the development of India and helping to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. With the Government’s focus evidently on Rural Development, many Not-for-Profit organizations are also working towards the same.


One such organisation being Sehgal Foundation, which “designs and promotes rural development interventions to create opportunities, build resilience, and provide solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in India’s poorest communities.”

The foundation work towards-

  • Sustainable Solutions for Water Scarcity: They work in water-scarce regions to secure and sustain local water supplies, help villagers to improve sanitation and towards wastewater management in schools and homes. They have partnered with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to sustain their initiatives
  • Empowering Farmers: In collaboration with Mosaic India Pvt. Ltd., Sehgal Foundation has implemented the ‘Krishi Jyoti’ project which provides farmer training in sustainable farming practices.
  • Strengthening Village Level Institutions to promote Good Governance: Sehgal Foundation’s ‘Strengthening Village Level Institutions’ initiative provide leadership skills, training and interventions to enhance the transparency of village councils and committees.
  • Women Empowerment: Aimed at making women the decision makers other than the domestic sphere, they work with women farmers in two female-dominated agricultural initiatives namely, ‘Innat Krishi’ (improves agriculture) and ‘Krishi Chetna’ (agricultural awareness). The main focus of both the initiatives is on improving the livelihoods of women farmers by training them in sustainable farming practices.

Apart from this, Sehgal Foundation has also established a community radio Alfaz-e-Mewat FM 107.8 to provide a media platform for local community voices in Mewat district, Haryana. On behalf of this, they have partnered with Government of India and the  Ministry of Agriculture and Panchayati Raj, Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity and the like.

Ankita Rawat

Ankita is a Graduate and Post Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication and has done internsips with The Hindu(Daily Newspaper) and JWT (Advertising Agency). She is currently working as a Digital Marketing Associate at Barefoot International Pvt. Ltd.

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