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Water Wisdom and Millennium Development Goals: 1

At the outset , let me start with my contention that Water is Life and Water gives life. Water is the only source in this Beautiful Planet Earth for our sustainability. My passion is health and so let me connect water with our healthy life. So after receiving World Water Day,2014 award from the United Nations at UN University, Japan, I decided to work in the area of health related to water and World Water Therapy Day concept was born on 19th November, 2014. In fact, it was the inspirations and encouragement from the United Nations dignitaries and the audience present over at UN University for the World Water Day, 2014organised by the UNWater, asking me to spread my wings globally.

Since I already had a self conviction that water is the natural medication and it can cure and heal almost 85 per cent of the diseases moving around the Planet Earth. I myself got cured from psoriasis for which there is no right answer for the medical community and also got cured from a hole developed in my spinal through water, acupressure and nutritional system. When my wife got developed uterus fibroid and the family doctor advised for a surgery, my wife didn’t get sleep for days and she asked me to find a way out without surgery, the way I got cured from the above diseases. Then I asked my wife to bring in discipline in the drinking water habits. Some yoga exercises and more alkaline food. Surprisingly after 27 days, her uterus fibroid disappeared when she went for a further check up, Her doctor also get astonished for it and asked her how she got cured?

We have a team of volunteers working in different countries promoting water therapy and health and basically campaigning on “Health,Happiness and Achieving Goals.” Our links and tips are available at the community page here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/World…and some videos on YouTube ,uploaded by other channels and mine(MurliMenon).

Now the questions remain, how this simple molecule, water help supporting the different segments of Millennium Development Goals?

Life on Land: Life on land is possible only when life exists and the main source of sustaining life is water wisdom and respect for water can generate many cultures and good habits in people like conserving water, environment and forest, flora and fauna etc. And only source for water is rain and it is possible only through these processes.

Life below Water: Since two-third of the planet is water and life on and in water can only protect the planet and living system. We must understand that our life is possible only when the sea water is Isotonic and the same is applicable for the human body. When cells are isotonic solution, movement of water out of the cell is balanced by the movement of water into the cell. So it helps in having number of water molecules on both side of the membranes remain unchanged. So life on the water is extra celluloid and life below water is similar to cells inside…….will continue in second post.

-By Murli Menon

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