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Desalination Technology- A useful tool to reduce water crisis

Water crisis in India has been affecting every individual. It has been witnessing severe erosion of its water table. But we are fortunate that India is conferred with vast seawater resources. Ensuring supply of purified sea water in the region would help people immensely.

Seawater from the desalination process is suitable for most of the areas like agriculture, domestic, and industrial uses. Seawater desalination is a vital option for alleviating water storage around the world.

In India, a number of desalination plants have been established in several states like Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh. In Chennai, the largest desalination plant through Reverse Osmosis (RO) process supplying 100 million litres of freshwater has been established.

The desalination plant is reported to be established during the year 2017. This will ensure water security to the people on a long term basis.

To read more abou this, http://bit.ly/2AWctM9


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