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Dowry- The unveiled burden

Happily and blissfully in my new home, I arrived
For everyone saw the beauty in my eyes
Sooner the balloons of happiness started to shiver
Harassment and torture begins and created a quiver
Broken and beaten till the last drop of blood
No one showed mercy and started calling her broken and cursed
She died in agony and no one cared
For money was always their priority and her life was bedeviled… 

Dowry- “murdered or driven to suicide by continuous harassment and torture by husbands and in-laws in an effort to extort an increased dowry.”
The highest number of dowry deaths during the last three years consecutively have been reported from the state of Uttar Pradesh followed by Bihar. As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, Uttar Pradesh reported 2244 dowry deaths(Sec 304 B of IPC) in 2012, 2335 dowry deaths in 2013 & 2469 dowry deaths in 2014(Provisional) which is the highest in the country for that year. Bihar is placed second in dowry death cases consecutively in the last three years with number of 1275 dowry deaths reported in 2012 & 1182 in 2013, 1373 in 2014(Provisional).
A 26-year-old woman was allegedly strangulated to death by her in-laws over dowry demand at Khampur village in the district, police said on Monday. According to a complaint lodged by the woman’s father Umadutt Sharma, she got married in March last year and was being harassed by her in-laws for dowry. The woman was allegedly strangulated to death yesterday as she failed to fulfil their demands, they said. A case has been registered against the woman’s husband Pankaj, father-in-law Ved Prakash, brother-in-law Monu, and and they have been arrested.
The above incident took place in June and as mentioned the complaint has been registered and the in-laws were arrested but immediately after 2-3 days everyone got off the jail. However according to our Indian Penal Code, 1860 (“IPC”), which made dowry death a specific offense punishable with a minimum sentence of imprisonment for 7 years .
7 years is a big word how about at least keep the culprits for 7 days… that’s just one small incident .. we have laws but instead of being in book they should be implemented and executed in the right manner. Why an innocent soul suffer so much just because of money?  And not only in villages people living in urban areas demand dowry.. and if by mistake U R NOT FAIR  then the dowry might just get double.. kyuki is desh mein jo gori nahi wo chori nahii..
May be all our parents should save money for dowry only because what is the use all the education when at last they just need looks and money. I mean no one cares that she is a teacher, doctor, writer nurse or anything .. Instead of burning the wood during hawan why not  burn her all her degrees. I Can understand that the in-laws might not be good but it’s the sole responsibility of the husband to provide care and protection to her wife but alas he is the one that added fire to that fuel….
How about saying no immediately when the boy ‘s family demand a single penny.
Yes, I am a woman and I can earn for myself and my family.
Appraise her love her care for her
just don’t kill her for money……

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