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Khwahishein (Augmenting Human Lives)

So what does it take to start a not-for-profit organisation for underprivileged kids? Well, all it takes is a little bit of courage and a lot of determination to make it work right!!

It all started in the chilling winters of Delhi when three girls who had just left teenage behind them thought of helping kids whose teenage lied just ahead of them.

Coming from different backgrounds, the girls had one common thing: to help the underprivileged. The dream was not too big, but a few baby steps that would not only help the kids but the whole of the society that usually is ignored and not provided with basic amenities.

At the earlier stage, before it all started, it looked a lot like group discussions, hangouts, fun and laughter but beneath all that, each knew, that this may lead to something honest and more significant than they expected.

Having an idea was not just enough. What actually had to be done was yet to be decided. Working for children was decided but ‘how’, was yet a few steps away. And after lots of brainstorming, fulfilling “needs” as “wishes” was finalised, that certainly had rooms for improvement. Maybe, that’s how we came up with the name “Khwahishein Foundation”. The idea was, fulfilling needs and not just wishes, as in, something bigger than materialism. Although, as it involved kids, a little bit of exchanging gifts and presents wasn’t denied.

Education, we believed, was the first and most important thing that the kids needed. And even after five years of Khwahishein, our main Khwahish (wish) has never changed.

Amidst this journey, there have been a few changes in our team but never, for once, have we changed our motto “Augmenting Human Lives” and the meaning and the hard work that goes behind it.

Just like in any other profit/non-profit companies, political parties, city or state government, the main motive is to strive for excellence and ultimately make the nation better. Similarly, Khwahishein Foundation seeks to teach the best of qualities in our children so that, starting from the very bottom, they can help and provide support to their families and the community, they all live in. Well, the community, we all are a part of.

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