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New Dimensions of Rural Management

Rural Management as a discipline in India is sourced from Rural R-construction in the Philippines. Rural Management is unique to India, as it is different from Rural Business Management in other countries like the UK. Rural Management is a popular career making option and is also different from social management and rural project management which are also offered by some Indian Universities.However, there are some limitations to Rural Management as a discipline. Anyone can have knowledge of five Ps of Marketing Mix, Price, Place, Product, Promotion and Process during studies but as a discipline it is restricted for 5Ps of People, prosperity, planet, partnership and peace for sustainable development goals.There are practical difficulties with Rural Management as a discipline, exposure to villages, village life, village immersion, volunteering for social causes are part and parcel of it and at the same time, somehow as a discipline it is different from social work.Teaching of Micro-finance may be separate as well as under rural management but when it comes to climate finance, globally it is developing into multiple standards, yet rural management gives more scope for teaching of stock markets and advanced finance.The idea of segregation of rural management from business management holds good in a development country like India, yet there is scope for emerging disciplines of urban management and development management.Rural Management is restricted for teaching of Public Administration but not Public Systems and Public Policies. As a discipline, it is more of matching in uniqueness with literature management, translation management which can be found in other countries. Poverty Management is more of subject of development management rather than Rural Management. There are separate courses for NGO Management in India also.

Rural Management has its uniqueness, acceptability and dimensions for development and hence, normally it matches in scope and career with Business Management and is therefore preferable in comparison to other moderation’s in India such as NGO management, Social Management, development management etc.

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