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Winds of Change: Katalyst yearbook 2016

“It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” – Oprah Winfrey

GoBarefoot: We live in a country of dichotomies. Goddesses are worshipped here and we are one of the few nations to boast of a woman Prime Minister. Yet, women don’t enjoy the same status as men either socially or professionally. Women in the workforce continue to face resistance as they try to climb the corporate ladder and break the resistance despite the increasing focus on girls’ education. Hence, women are not well-represented in the management cadre, a fact evident in the Mckinsey Report (August 2015), which states that only 4% of women in India reach the senior management level as against 11% in Asia.

Girl’s education is a powerful transformative tool for society and improves the quality of living on the whole. Research proves that there is a gap between graduates and what recruiters are looking for. So, what does it take to get those plum posts, have an ascending career path, and secure a place in the senior management team? Education along with skills and attitude can empower young women to take on such leadership roles. Given that women account for more than 40% in India and approximately 50% of potential talent world over, at Katalyst, we have made it our focus to enhance employability and make leaders out of young women who come from lower income communities.


I believe that economic status has no bearing on the potential of these young women; what they need are opportunities and exposure. Katalyst aims to bridge the gap and create a level playing field so that these young women can aspire and excel to become transformational leaders. These Katalysts will be the change agents not just for their own lives but also for their juniors, families, community, and society.

From the desk of CEO, Katalyst
Poorvi Shah


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