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A girl child saved from being trafficked

CHILDLINE physical help desks are operational in 93 railway stations which are key transit points for child trafficking and children forced into labour.

In instances of child trafficking and children forced into labour, CHILDLINE and grassroots partners work on rescue, repatriation and rehabilitation of children through child protection networks under the Juvenile Justice Care & Protection Act and the Integrated Child Protection Scheme. With our extensive coverage of both urban and rural India and NGO partners the child protection safety net is able to rescue and rehabilitate more than 200,000+ children each year.

 Meena, a 14 years old girl had been trafficked from Gurugram to Itawa but was fortunate enough that her life was saved. CHILDLINE Aligarh received a call from Police Station Gabhana that one girl child has been found. The CHILDLINE team member reached the spot and met the child. During the conversation, child revealed that Kallan, her neighbour took her out to show the temple. But his intentions were something else.  Though he had told her parents that he is taking her to show the temple but he took her to some Ashram and they stayed overnight.  Next day morning, they boarded the bus, looking at all this, child got confused and asked Kallan that where he is taking her, instead of answering her, he scolded and frightened her to remain quite.  Later Kallan even misbehaved with the child and she started crying.  Hearing the loud cries, bus driver and passengers started enquiring and had some doubt.  Smartly, the bus driver stopped the bus at Gabhana police station and narrated the whole incident to the police and handed over the child and man to the police.

Gabhana police kept Kallan in their custody and contacted CHILDLINE for help and handed over the child to them. CHILDLINE Aligarh managed to find out the address of the child and informed the concerned police station i.e. Badshapur, Gurugram. It was found that child‘s father had already launched an FIR for his missing child at the Police Station. CHILDLINE coordinated with the Badshapur police and helped them to contact Gabhana police. Badshapur Police came with the parents of girl child to Aligarh. They arrested Kallan and took him under their custody. After all this, as part of standard operating procedures, CHILDLINE presented the child along with the parents to Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Aligarh.  Keeping the best interest in mind, CWC has restored the child to her parents and transferred her case to Gurugram CWC for further trial and investigation of the case.

This is one of the success stories of how a girl child was rescued, rehabilitated and the child was protected and provided safety.

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CHILDLINE India Foundation

 CHILDLINE 1098 is India’s first and only 24×7, free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection. CHILDLINE’s vision is to build A child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children. They address wide wide array of needs of children, ranging from medical assistance, shelter, rescue, repatriation, restoration, sponsorship, death related, to emotional support and guidance.

CHILDLINE India Foundation has evolved as a partnership of NGOs, Government of India, street children and the community. CHILDLINE is the central agency responsible for initiating, implementing and monitoring its services and undertaking research, documentation, awareness and advocacy in the area of child protection. In 2006-07 Ministry for Women and Child Development (MWCD) granted the exclusive ‘Mother NGO’ status to CHILDLINE India Foundation.

CHILDLINE operates in 503 districts in 35 states/UTs and 93 railway stations covering 70% of the country. They have built and nurtured a robust network of 928 units with 754+ partners across India, which today stands as the largest child protection network of NGOs across the World. In the last year alone, they have engaged over 5,500 allied systems (Police, Health Care, Juvenile Justice, Transport, Legal, Education, Communication, Media, Political and the Community) through our network of partners.

CHILDLINE engages with 8-10 million children annually. In the last three years, they have assisted 5 lakh children in need of care and protection through direct intervention and has provided socio-emotional guidance to over 15 million children.

Call CHILDLINE 1098 service if you see any child in distress or crises

To know more about CHILDLINE, please visit website www.childlineindia.org.in

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