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Every time you hear the word  ‘Adoption’, it’s by default has to be related to child adoption. But do you know, it’s been taking up a new sphere of things?

‘Adopt A Parent’  or  ‘Adopt A Grandparent’

Yes! You read it right. There are schemes, programs & organisations gearing up in India to take over the issues growing with the senior citizens.

A year ago, Mrs. Gupta was living with his only son & daughter-in-law in the apartment.  But after getting an opportunity to work in US, his son left the apartment along with his wife. Till date, there is no sign of returning back. With no financial or emotional support, Mrs. Gupta is suffering from loneliness, depression & various diseases. No, this is not the only case! There are many & not all are same but the most important concern is dealing with isolation that elderly people are subjected to.

Lack of wisdom & challenges of modern life, the coping capacities of young & older family members are being challenged every day.

Organisations are coming up with the idea for adoption of a parent or grandparent, wherein the elderly will be adopted by a family. Not only senior citizens, but also the families who are lacking the love & affection also gain a wise company & support. This is the known fact, that the value & the knowledge that elderly people hold is priceless.

Organisations working for this noble cause in India are:

  1. Help Age India

Through a program ‘Adopt-a- Gran’, they are providing a lifeline support to elders with no family, financial or social support. They have reached out to 826 rural and destitute elders across 22 states through this special ‘Support a Gran’ program in year 2015-2016.

To know more or contribute, go through www.helpageindia.org

  1. Kumar Deshpande Foundation

Kumar Deshpande, founder of the Mumbai-based Kumar Deshpande Foundation and the Companion Club of India, thought of an ‘adopt a parent/grandparent ‘ scheme. Currently, Despande is gathering data on how many senior citizens willing to be ‘adopted’, and people willing to give them a family.

These programs are ideal for elderly people who live alone, face health problems, depression and loneliness.

At present 95 million people in India are above the age of 60, by the year 2025 nearly 80 million more will be added to this population bracket. With improved life expectancy rate in our country, it’s estimated that as many as 8 million people are currently above the age of 80 years. Changing family value system, economic compulsions of the children, neglect and abuse has caused elders to fall through the net of family care. They are one of the most disadvantaged sections in the Indian society.

We get so much caught up in our lives, that we often forget about the people who need our love most. Because money can’t buy everything, presence of an elderly at home can also give you the quality time, you can talk of your problems & worries. They might not be able to understand or solve it, but in a world full of busy bees, they can give you a good ear.

For seniors, it’s important to be social for a healthy & prolonged life.

By adopting a parent or a grandparent, you not only provide the emotional & economic support to them but you also provide yourself & your kids with a wise role model in the family.

By investing time with a senior, you’re enriching your life.


This is how you can help this world get closer & humble.

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