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Cyber Bullying

In the world of digitization and with rise of e-commerce and social networking sites, security and privacy issues have become a major concern. Many organisations use our personal information to provide us better services but sometimes they use the information in an irresponsible manner.


Consumers fear the loss of their financial data and sometimes online websites have to bear financial losses which can also result in bad publicity. Amalgamation of consumer fears, existing business practices and media pressure has led the privacy and security issue in cyber media to be a potent problem.

Cyber criminals are attracted towards the large population and information base of social networks which is easily accessible. Social engineering and reverse social engineering, phishing, spamming, and malware attack are the methods being used for cyber attacks.

Although government is working out on such issues and concerns, there are many not for profit organisations which are also helping in creating awareness on cyber security and attacks. Some of the organisations are Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF), Cyber Safe India, HANS and many more.

To know about these organisations,




Ankita Rawat

Ankita is a Graduate and Post Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication and has done internsips with The Hindu(Daily Newspaper) and JWT (Advertising Agency). She is currently working as a Digital Marketing Associate at Barefoot International Pvt. Ltd.

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