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Ethics as a bridge between Development Concerns and General Management

India is also known for development concerns whether in terms of poverty; un-employment; historical inequality, social democracy, gender equality or any other. Management is related more with business and entrepreneurship. It is more concerned with money, profits, trade & commerce, financial gains and in generating resources. Management is branched into several functionary disciplines such as Economics, Marketing, Finance, IT, HRD, MIS, Statistics, Production, strategy mainly and perhaps ethics. Ethics is also considered a part of general management along with entrepreneurship.


In India, development goals are supposed to be met through rural development and public policy, and hence there are various permutations and combination of general management but ethics makes difference when the aim is to satiate development goals through varied means and forms. There are public systems concerns and there are policy level concerns and both have separate existence along with being part of general management.

Ethics rule over management, any kind and lack of ethics can lead to undue concerns and assigning insignificances to important development goals, whether in terms of budget allocation, priority or diverting energy. Ethics may lack in politics and political management but it should be cynosure for general management as well as all permutations and combinations.

Ethics allow medley of dairy development, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, NGO management, development management and rural development to be part of rural management in spite of significance separately for each targeted setting. The mental and moral concerns should also be directed to ethics even it is branch dealing specifically as a stop-gap arrangement between studies of logic and moral science. Ethics give direction for motivation and commitment also when things are not at par as they should be or when development goals are far reaching.

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