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Practical Aspects of Citizenship

Our country is progressing and we are in the era of Global Indians when we seek citizenship for Non resident Indians (NRI) and People of India origin (PIO). There is huge diversity of people in India who are united not only by will but also with same ethos and culture; that is, in fact composite culture. The economic hiatus exists in India and there are poor people, ultra poor, People below poverty line (BPL). Knowing and understating Fundamental rights and fundamental duties is a distant dream for them, let leave owning them. Directive principles govern the anomaly. But in no case, extra-ordinary citizens should be allowed who emerge out of Indian Politics and related wings, which are sometimes undemocratic also.

The citizenship should never be guided by immunity and so called impeachment factors for a federal state which is a unique blend of traditions and cultures which are incomparable.  The practical aspect should not be ignored. Otherwise, there are rights like right to safe travel, right to occupational reputation and right to respect insignia. The citizenship should not be dependent on renaming and classification of institutions, organizations and institutes. The judiciary, the executive and the legislature wings are there to help citizenship survive. The less dependence on media or press, bureaucracy or the civil society for progress and success should be the motto of citizenship, after all Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are for all and not for limited few in a well defined secular and well articulated socialist country having well set political system of governance.

The citizenship should also not be dependent on rights proclaimed through creativity of judiciary for individuals in special circumstances such as right to write a book for a prisoner, right to live with dignity as in a defamation case or right for speedy hearing etc. There are public policies and programs which can help in keeping citizenship intact.

Citizenship is for all, whether by birth, given under constitution, by acquiring or by bestowing and all should respect citizenship aspect for all.

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